@bbcradio1: Greg and Chris Smith with the news, reunited

@bbcradio1Greg and Chris Smith with the news, reunited


Greg James shot for BUPA

Anonymous asked: Brief Ellie talk on the livestream. And Greg unsure of what color her eyes are.

omg greg smh

99% sure i just watched greg pick his nose and wipe it on his eyemask i can’t stop laughing

  • Greg James: This is your captain speaking. George may have uttered a slightly naughty word there. We are rectifying the problem by asking him to leave. We are sorry if you're offended by that. But if you're-
  • George Daniel: so sorry
  • Greg James: If you're up at 1:30 in the morning and are offend by a swear word then you need to ask yourself some serious questions. Thank you


Request for anons :)

Nick wakes up Greg James in Glasgow in the most terrifying way possible. Brace yourselves for THAT post-Dolly Nick scream looped forever.

Features all the Greg chat - including his Nick dreams and having a sleepover with The 1975.


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i’m so tired but i can’t stop :|

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is anyone still watching? 

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Greg is getting his nails painted

Anonymous asked: Could you please explain a little about what it is that Greg is doing this week? (I'm referring about the Greg in the Park thing.)

(sorry if i’m late replying to this!)

He’s basically holding his own mini festival at BBC Scotland for the lead up to T In The Park, like you know he’s done sofa surfing in the past? It’s kinda like that.. but he’s just camping in the BBC building, I think there are two listeners there with him each night and there’s bands coming in every day etc etc. There’s a camera in his tent where he’s sleeping so if you’re super super creepy you can watch it live on the radio 1 website. :) And on the red button every day during his show. 

I hope this helped clear it up if you were confused? :) 

F1 in Schools meeting @gregjames today- what a lovely guy! #BritishGP (x)

F1 in Schools meeting today- what a lovely guy! (x)